Why Big Bird?

I found out a great deal about myself when i was 13, and a great deal of it i learnt when I played football for the Sherwood Park Wolverines.

For those unfamiliar, the Wolverines wore gold pants, and a white and gold jersey. And I’ve always been rather top heavy. I was named Big Bird cause I looked like a big bird on tiny little bird legs underneath all my pads in game film. Kids are real creative.

There’s something about the friendship and community of a football team, and something special about being given a nickname too. It means you’re significant enough to these other people to have earned another, special name.

When I thought about a name for this BBQ dream, I kept thinking back to those years and figuring out who I was. It only made sense to name it after who I was then. To name this new place and sense of community after one of the first ones I ever found.

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