The BBQ Box

During the early weeks of COVID-19, many of the established bbq operations we look up to in the United States switched from an in restaurant, to bbq box, style of service.

It’s hard to argue that bbq is better than fresh sliced and served, hot and ready to eat. But in take out timelines, possible delays, and difficulties with holding temperature while traveling, take out isn’t really an option for smoking restaurants.

The bbq box represents a middle ground. We do the hard work – crafting sauces and sides from scratch, seasoning and spatchcoking the chicken, and then smoking it all afternoon. You pick it up, take it home, and through it in a pan or on the grill at high heat for roughly five minutes, hit it with the provided sauce, and you have fresh bbq at home in minutes.

We’ll also, of course, have the option for bbq boxes ready to eat.

What interests you, particularly families and shift workers of Hinton? Would you find yourself more likely to order ready to eat or smoked and prepped?

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