Brisket Brisket Brisket

Got your attention?

Brisket is generally one of three things; your favourite thing, something you’ve never had, or something that you’re more familiar with out of an oven on Sunday.

But BBQ brisket – in particular, texas style bbq brisket, seasoned with just salt pepper smoke and time, is something that nearly unanimously is loved once experienced.

Tender, juicy, smoky, meaty slices of heaven, good brisket is the result of 12-30 hours of low and slow smoke babysat by someone who’s done it for 2 or 3 hundred hours before.

Because brisket, itself, can be tough dense and hard to manage. Cooking out the toughness is different for every brisket, and you need to be able to adapt.

Every day, we’ll have a limited stock of brisket, and we’re willing to bet that everyday, we’ll sell out. Because brisket is one special treat.

One response to “Brisket Brisket Brisket”

  1. Before covid we would go to Meat for dinner before Shadow Theatre. Always had the shared platters and brisket was always the favourite. Looking forward to enjoying yours, looks mouth watering good!


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