Tender Tendies Tending to Tastebuds Tenderly

It’s not Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo, but that’s a fun sentence amirite?

Our pitmaster cut his chops in small town diners, and then as a line cook, pizza cook, and then KFC chicken fryer. From all of these different roles and locations, he found different techniques and combined them to create something entirely his own. It’s coming close to what we’d consider the perfect finger – taking seasoning, brining, flouring, and marinating techniques into their final, ultimate form. It took years of experimentation, but it’s something we’re very proud of.

Come try our chicken tenders in the Gateway to the Rockies, Hinton Alberta, this spring. Make sure to find us on social media and subscribe to follow along.

Test of our egg-less pickle buttermilk breading recipe

2 responses to “Tender Tendies Tending to Tastebuds Tenderly”

  1. Everything looks so tempting, how will we know what to try when we make the road trip? May have to stay over😋


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