Next Pop Up: This Friday!

UPDATE: Thank you to all of you who have reached out in the last six hours – we’ve reached the hypothetical max for the smoker for this week. That means we won’t be able to accept any more pre-orders for carnivore platters!

Meat eaters – We’ll be back soon with another pop up, but we also welcome you to try out our vegan platter which we still have orders available for! Our vegan sparerib, buffalo chicken style cauliflower, and all the same sides as the carnivore platter.

PREVIOUS: We’ve heard your feedback over the last number of popups, asking for something … bigger.

Snack boxes are our way of trying to reach as many people as possible while we’re constrained by not being in our kitchen and on our smoker. But we’ve learnt a great deal over the last months of pop-ups and we’re ready to bring you something different.

This Friday, from 4-6pm, a limited number of customers will be able to order full bbq platters, either vegan or carnivore, both featuring a full complement of sides including sauce, pickles, two salads, and beans.

Carnivores? Your gonna get pork belly burnt ends and pulled beef!

Vegans? Spareribs and Cauliflower!

Both platters are $15.

Order while supplies last by emailing us here or sending a facebook message here.

Both platters will have nightshade, and the vegan gluten, allergens present. Both platters are lactose free.

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