We Could Use A Moment of Your Time

Next week, the Town of Hinton will hold a Town Hall on the Mobile Vendors Bylaw No. 1170. This Bylaw proposes a number of changes to the ways we’re managed by the Town.

Here’s the thing – it’s actually mostly good news. While we’ll pay more than we did last year, a lot of key parts of how we operate will be formalized, and we’ll be contributing to the community we love.

So what do we want from you? Please – click here to send Council and the incomparable Mindi Petkau of the Town of Hinton an email. Tell them that you appreciate mobile vendors like Big Bird BBQ, Las Tres Marias, Royal Garden, Pats Catering, and others still to come being able to appear near you and being apart of the community. Let them know that your favourite bbq joint in the Northern Rockies appreciates the bylaw as it stands, and the work done by Mindi to get it there through extensive consultation with businesses like us.

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