Thank you, 2022

Roost Hinton finished mopping up from Christmas Dinner service not long ago. Today’s was our last service of the year, and it’s got me thoughtful.

This was a really hard year. With such a short season last year, we had to really work to cover expenses over the off season, and took on some unexpected debt. Then we saw costs go up exponentially …. Or at least I see it now. I didn’t really at the time. With Sam stepping away I was on my own and it was all I could do to do all the cooking and maintenance and carry forward.

In so many ways it was an incredible year. We were honoured to see such a great response year round, from events through catering and daily appearances at the square. We were a part of incredible weddings and fundraisers and special occasions – it was an absolute dream.

But when it got slow enough to really get a look at where the year put us, it wasn’t enough. Like dangerously not enough. And just as I was starting to get scared, Father Gerard Redmond Community Catholic School approached us and offered a perfect solution.

Launching a sort of second but also same business as you learn you’re not great at business is…. a choice. But it was exactly the right one. From the free breakfast for the students thanks to grants funding attained by the school through the opportunity to also sell lunch, we’ve been able to share our love of food from cuisines around the world in a way that means so much.

We’re looking back on a huge year, one that taught hard lessons, but that came with beautiful opportunities.

Waking up in the truck for our biggest catering ever, and our first in JNP

Scrubbing the grill at 3 am while the chords to fire on the mountain echo over @wildmtnmusic

Traveling around with the #foodtruckfamily

Saying good bye to the truck season with the Hinton Community Greenhouse

Kids signing Christmas karaoke over plates of turkey

I just feel so lucky to be able to do this. It’s all because of the support of people like you and it just… It means so much. Thank you, Big Bird BBQ and Roost Hinton fans. Thank you so much, and see you in 2023.

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