Roost: Week of 2/27

Our next menu includes some of my favourites both new and old. For the old, pyrohy, the same recipe that was the first time I got paid for cooking in Hinton when my friend Cooking with Jax had me teach the recipe out of the kitchen in the Old Grind, and new, Lemon Chicken, a technique that I tried out here in the school last month and received some great feedback on. The Chopped with Cheese is another favourite of the students; the New York legend is as much fun for me to cook as it is a fun messy eat for the students.

We’ve also made the difficult decision to raise a couple of prices in our next menu following this one. Our goal is always to be as affordable as possible, but with a short January, February, and spring break coming this month, we have to make this change in order to make it through the last of the winter.

Despite this change, we will continue to offer the supports to students we have, and if you cannot afford these changes, we will as always honour our policy of NOTAFLOF – No One Turned Away For Lack of Funds.

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