Thank You So Much

We got word earlier today that we’re up for four awards at next month’s Hinton Chamber of Commerce Gala. Woah.

If you told the 2013 radio school runaway reporter in the red ranger that in less than a decade he’d be running a food truck and catering business that’s up for an award recognizing innovation, let alone a couple for customer service, he’d ask you where you got whatever got inspired you to that reach conclusion and giggle as he walked away.

Thank you so much to the friends family and fans that have helped us through the first half season, and our first full, and now with our @roosthinton operations and as we get ready for a new year. It means the absolute world just to still be open, but to also be seen and nominated in so many ways, it’s an honour.

To Sam and Nikki, who got us off the ground, your example is in my mind with every customer. Thanks to Afton, at ATB, who took me serious before I was. And thanks to Amanda, who jumped in feet first right alongside me.

There’s so much more to come, and we’re so grateful to have the support of so many as we grow and change.

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