Our new menu

Today, Big Bird BBQ is proud to release a preview of our new 2023 menu, in doing so revealing a change in how we’re doing BBQ in Hinton in 2023.

I’ve mentioned Culinaria Americana before, a massive tome that inspired me with a love of cooking and cooking regionalities that’s always stuck with me. Americana was the first time I came across the history of American BBQ shops serving at breakfast. According to the book, the choice came from overnight cooks coming off the smoker for opening of stores, and early morning shoppers taking advantage of the freshest product while supplies lasted.

Our time at Roost, and Wild Mountain and the rodeo last year, have reignited a love of breakfast foods that goes back to my first days as a dishwasher helping prep at a roadside diner, and this year I want to bring that love to our trailer service.

For 2023, we’ll be open from 8am-2pm, and we’ll be doing all day breakfast as well as the poutine and sandwiches you love for the lunch crowd.

We’re inviting all our friends and supporters to come try out the new menu this Saturday in the Gerard Redmond Catholic School parking lot starting at 8am or until our supplies are exhausted.

See y’all real soon

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