Our History

The Truck

Big Bird BBQ is a middle ground. We purchase our meats from local butchers, choosing only Alberta pork, beef, and chicken. In addition to the standard bbq fare, our menu features selected special offerings on a rotating basis featuring non-standard cuts, organ meats, or preparations. We want to introduce to you, or remind you, of the fact that our meat comes from a whole carcass, and the least we can do to honour that carcass is consume everything we can from it.

A bbq meat trailer with solid vegetarian and vegan offerings

Our menu includes a number of vegan selections, our specialty french fries are cooked in meat free oils, and our side salads are all minimum lacto-ovo friendly. We make these commitments for two reasons; first, we respect all dietary decisions and aim to fulfill most any request possible, and second, we strongly believe that we should all choose to eat meat as celebration, not routine.

Meat as a celebration, not a routine

Every aspect of our menu is built around the idea of meat as a celebration, not as a matter of routine. Brisket is not an everyday food – it’s a delicious, decadent, indulgence and we treat it like one. We hand trim, season, smoke, and carve every piece of meat to come out of our kitchen. Briskets spend minimum 12 hours in the smoke, up to 20 depending on the size, same as our shoulders for pulled pork. That’s also why we encourage you to order ahead; every day we smoke a limited amount of meat, and if you don’t get in soon enough, you don’t get any.

We want to provide a base product that most anyone can enjoy, and the ability for every customer to layer on the flavours and experiences they crave. Adaptability and inclusion isn’t an afterthought – it’s built into our menu from day one

Alberta’s season for food trailer like mine is really short. Like, 210 days short. So why aren’t we open 7 days a week while we can be? We need a prep day. Because we keep at least three pickles and at least three sauces, all made in house and with our in house seasonings and smoke blend in mind. Pickles and sauces, within reason, are free with your meal so you can hit your spice volume, your sauce pallette, and your pickle, all around your own palette. For the braver customers, you can also ask for it to be big bird style, which is when Pitmaster Yaworski will give you his preferred (usually extreme) flavour blends.

Josh Yaworski

In 2013, Josh Yaworski moved to Hinton for what he thought was a brief stop over in his early radio career. Radio turned to Municipal Communications, his partner and close friends moved here, and this Rocky Mountain wonderland became a permanent home – largely thanks to the kindness and support of this special community.

From 2002 when he first started working in kitchens, through to recent memory, food has been a passion and love for Yaworski. Over the past years, through consistent practice and research, he narrowed his scope of interest to the subtle art of smoked meats in the style of his extended Southern United States family.

Growing up in rural Alberta, one gains a love and respect for the animals around you, raised and harvested for their flesh. It’s a labour of love, and one that comes with a sorrow. As a teenager, Yaworski went through a period as a lacto-ovo-vegetarian, abstaining from eating meat in protest to some of the methods of large scale feedlot operations. This protest remains top of mind in building Big Bird.

Sam and Nikki; The Patels

In August of 2011, Sam Patel first came to Canada pursuing studies in a technical field. Finding new opportunities in Canada, Sam worked to bring first Nikki in 2015, and then his parents in 2018, to their new home. A growing Canadian family, Sam and Nikki were joined by boys Vihaan and Neev in 2018 and 2021.

The Patels bring a wealth of business experience, including formerly operating Mexican Restaurant Rojo Marron here in Hinton.

Further, Sam and Nikki bring a palette and deep knowledge of meatless meals, helping bring the smoked meat and meatless menus together and to even greater heights.

“I can’t wait for this meal.”

– Jenna Altrogge, First Catering Customer

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