The catering menu is where we stretch out and show you the full capacity of our kitchen. We work with you, either based on our menu or your concept and price point, to build a special experience.

At Big Bird bbq, we strongly believe in the idea of meat as a celebration, not a routine.

That’s why our catering menu is extremely customizable. Want to have your own special bbq sauce, and to have so much of it it can be favours on the table for your guests? You got it. Looking to deal with 13 different dietary restrictions? We’ll make it happen. Want us to reach out through our butcher network to find a really wild piece of meat? Let’s do it. If there are items you’d like on the menu, let us know, and we’ll see what we can do for you!

Get started now by submitting your event and menu requests here to begin a quote.

Every aspect of your special occasion meal can be tailored to you. Book an appointment below to see how we can make your event special. Please speak with a representative to discuss quotations for catering packages.

We will work to meet most dietary restrictions. However, the size and contained nature of our trailer makes more sensitive celiac requests difficult to achieve. Please detail all allergies as early as possible so we may make advisements during menu choosing.

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