How We Do BBQ

Southern BBQ on Alberta time

For those who follow BBQ in the Southern United States, you may be aware that bbq is not, generally, a dinner meal. It’s a brunch, maybe. Some of the worlds best bbq opens up in the early morning hours, when Canadians are still eating bacon.

There’s some fascinating background to that, having to do with BBQ’s origins in Butcher Shops and General Stores, and shops having product at hoping that was gone when it was gone. Some day down the road, we’ll write about this in our blog, but for now take our word for it.

As a food truck in Alberta, we’re not expecting many coming by our order window in the morning hours. But we are limited by the long term cooking that good smoked meats require. That’s why our menu is so large; we do our bbq in advance, serve it up in platters, but if you come too late to get bbq we’re still going to give you a great experience. Be it vegan, vegetarian, chicken fingers, or anything else from our wider menu, even if we can’t hook you up with BBQ we’re still going to take good care of you.

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