An October Update

Hello to all of the Big Bird BBQ Community!

Our apologies for going dark; it’s been a busy couple of months getting some of the advance planning items together, and with the worst of it in the rear view, we want to give you an update on our status.

Big Bird BBQ is confident that we will reach our goal of opening in March.

We’ve been in extended conversations with the friendly and helpful staff at Town of Hinton Development Services, who have been a great resource in navigating municipal requirements and operating parameters. Development Services, we’re told, have also been working hand in hand with Parks and Recreation, as Big Bird BBQ aims to be able to show up in a wide range of locations over the summer. Another Town of Hinton asset in our early months has been the Economic Development Office, which has provided insight, statistics, and recommendations on the economic landscape we’re joining.

Over the last month, we’ve been working with the inimitable Afton of ATB Hinton, and are expecting final word soon on our financing. We’re also extremely grateful to say we’ve received a fair amount of interest from residents interested in helping us get started – watch for information coming soon on an ATBBooster campaign that will not only give you that opportunity, but also give us an opportunity to thank you with free meals, memberships, and more based on level of support.

Speaking of memberships;

Once we open, and in the weeks leading up, there’s going to be a lot we want you to know and be able to access about us like locations, events, days we’ll be unavailable due to catering, and so on. But more important than that, we’ll also want you to know about our secret menu for members only, and specials. So we’re turning our mailing list into the Founders Club.

Until we launch ATBBooster, anyone can sign up for the Founders Club just by signing up to our mailing list on our website. But once we’re launched, Founders Club membership will be based on either ATB Booster support or a punch card for frequent customers earning your way in. Founders will also get special benefits when you order online, like an extra serving of sauce or pickles at no charge.

Head to today to get in on the list, and watch for more information from us soon! Thanks for your patience as we get ready to bring a brand new experience to Hinton… IN JUST LESS THAN 6 MONTHS!

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