Watch for more to come

A series of our coming social media and blog posts will cover thoughts, inspirations, and reasoning behind decisions.

As we grow and pursue an intensive vision for the next decade and beyond right here in Hinton, our thinking might evolve – that’s part of learning and growing. But here’s what we want you to know – from this very moment and into our opening, everything we do is about you, and this incredible community.

That includes doing extra work; extra research, going out of our way to find and work with recipes and techniques that you’ll recognize, to avoid the shortcuts, and to deliver something that feels … real.

Bludso said it great in an episode of Chef Chang’s podcast: you start on charcoal, so when you can use something like an ole hickory gas smoker, you can take your knowledge and experience in managing charcoal to make the best of modern implements.

That’s just how we think about our animal proteins; we think the same way about vegan proteins, and our sides.

There’s nothing wrong with Gardein, or Beyond Meat, or any of the large scale vegan meat creators. But we want to deliver you something more, like our heroes at Edmonton’s Padmanadi – where the ginger beef isn’t just good for vegan food, it’s great for Chinese food, full stop.

It’s a small kitchen, and we are working with a minimal crew. But we’re going to deliver a BIG experience.

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